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General Practice Information

Appointment Procedures

Please feel free to make your appointments at your convenience within our working hours. We will be flexible and accommodating.

Once your initial treatment is completed, we ask that you return for regular examinations at intervals determined on individual needs as agreed with you and recommended by NICE. These may range from 3 to 24 months.

In return, we ask that all patients attend on time. Patients failing to attend scheduled appointments, arriving late or cancelling without 24 hours notice all are responsible for a waste of precious surgery time. Whilst we appreciate that unforeseen events do occur,any patient responsible for the loss of two appointments will, without exception,have their care discontinued immediately.

We send out regular reminders by mail or automated text messaging to all patients who request these. Don’t forget to ask should you wish to use this service.

If you feel you have any useful comments or advice for us, we would be pleased to hear from you. Please address them directly to any Team member or use the Comments Card placed in the Waiting or Reception areas.

Practice Policy and Patient Commitment

Smile with Pride believes that our patients should be made fully aware of our practice policy which outlines the fundamental beliefs on which our services are based upon. We hope that making this information available to our patients will increase your confidence in our practice and the treatment you will receive.

  • We aim to consistently provide the best quality dental care at all times.

  • We will look after your general health to the best of our ability as well as your dental health.

  • We will place a tremendous amount of value on your feedback and will regularly ask you for your views on how well or not we carry out our daily responsibilities and respond to any opinions expressed immediately.

  • We will regularly carry out self assessments and internal audits to ensure all of us keep up to date with the latest clinical and registration requirements.

  • We assure our patients that our practice and services comply with all the latest legislation and guidelines issued by all relevant authorities including infection control, radiology, medical emergencies management, record keeping and confidentiality and health and safety guidelines.

  • We assure our patients that all current published evidence from the Department of Health and NICE are used in the daily operation of our practice.

  • We will always attempt to meet your specific needs as an individual including choosing the dentist that suits you best.

  • We will invest in the careers of our team to ensure that their skills and experience are improved upon so as to provide patients with excellent care using modern technological advances and techniques/materials.

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