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Why you shouldn’t miss out on that check-up at the dentist

At our Smile House Dental Practice we have heard the many varied reasons why patients don’t make their dental check-ups a priority, from busy schedules to dental anxiety with many opting to miss out on their clinic appointments. This risky behaviour is not only alarming for our dental practitioners, but also for the wellbeing of the patient’s dental and overall health.

A dentist in Sutton is a patient’s best form of defence against all sorts of dental problems, some of which may, if left untreated, invade other areas of a patient’s physical health. A case in point would be the build-up of plaque and tartar which can end up in the bloodstream and pose a risk to cardiovascular health if not effectively removed in a timely manner.

We encourage all patients to make their dental appointments with a dentist in Sutton a matter of importance. Here are our reasons why patients should not skip out on their dental visits.

Three reasons you should make your visit to a dentist in Sutton a priority

Missing out on a dental check-up turns minor problems into major ones

Patients often underplay the importance of a routine dental check-up which is the only guaranteed way to ensure your teeth remain plaque-free and your gums are in optimal health. Plaque, if not removed, grows to form calculus deposits, and over time, the resultant gum disease leads to teeth falling out and other problems occurring. A simple check-up will help identify the early signs of possible problems and the implementation of relevant dental treatments and procedures to avoid further problems.

Missing out on screening for oral cancer

In the same way that a general check-up at the doctors helps identify warning signs of certain medical conditions, so too, does a dental check-up help in screening for potential problems like oral cancer. Early detection of oral cancer and timely treatment is vital as, once the disease is in its later stages, it can prove fatal.

Missing out on the benefits of a professional in-clinic cleaning procedure

A patient’s at-home oral hygiene practice is not enough to ensure complete dental health. While this is a highly recommended practice that we urge all patients not to be lax in, the benefits may be limited. It is not uncommon for patients to struggle with those tricky, hard-to-reach areas of the mouth where food can get trapped and bad bacteria are likely to flourish. More professional help, such as the thorough deep clean through a professional in-chair scale and polish procedure, is needed to keep teeth and gums scrupulously clean and disease free.

Keeping teeth and gums healthy works to the benefit of patients in numerous ways. Firstly, you prevent the development of dental problems that can be avoided. Secondly, you safeguard your oral health as well as your overall physical and mental health.

Do your part for your oral health, contact Smile House Dental Practice and schedule that all-important dental check-up appointment. Our caring and compassionate dental team places a high value on providing our patients with excellent dental care.


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