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Why is it important to visit your dentist in Sutton?

Regular check-ups

When we are in no pain and cannot physically see any damage to our mouth, teeth or gums, it is very easy to become lazy with our regular appointments. After all, we generally only visit the doctors if something is wrong, so surely visits to the dental practice are the same? The problem is, a lot of people view dental treatment as an option without considering the risks to their beautiful smile. This is where regular check-ups with your dentist in Sutton are so important and depending on the individual, this can be any time between 3 to 12 months. A quick appointment to check everything over could prevent the need for more intrusive dental treatments or procedures further down the line. So these regular check-ups are definitely worth the 15 minute visit.

Reasons to get your bleeding gums under control

If a part of your body bleeds then you immediately realise that there is some damage to the body. Whether a small cut to the hand or something more extensive. Either way, we deal with the problem and understand how it happened so as to avoid damaging it again in the future. This should be the same for our mouths, teeth and gums. However, often enough people seem to be happy to ignore their bleeding gums and just continue with their daily lives. This is not advisable as bleeding gums means there are other underlying issues such as gingivitis or in cases where it has been left, periodontal disease.

Gingivitis, also known as gum disease, is a bacterial infection that can build up over time if the plaque is not removed efficiently during the daily oral cleaning. Whilst cleaning your teeth with a toothbrush, whether manually or electronically, is extremely important on a regular basis each day, it is not enough. This is where the need for floss and interdental brushes comes into play. These other cleaning methods work within the gaps of the teeth where the brush cannot reach. Using the two or three methods regularly combined with regular visits to the dental practice ensures that the build-up of plaque is limited and therefore the chances of getting gingivitis or leaving it untreated is drastically reduced. The important thing to remember is that your dental hygiene routine requires teamwork from both yourself and your dentist in Sutton.

Treatments and procedures

If you are in need of an appointment that is more extensive than your typical check-up then we want you to rest assured that our dental team has you covered. Not only will we advise you on all the suitable options, but we will also work with you to ensure that you feel confident with the solutions. Dental treatments and procedures are never anything to fear but can often be prevented by keeping on top of the daily oral hygiene care.

Please be aware that all treatments and procedures need to be tailored to the patient receiving them. All our patients are therefore encouraged to seek further information and advice on any mentioned in this article with their dentist in Sutton.


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