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Why choose our dentist in Sutton?

Located within the heart of Sutton our dental clinic adopts a patient-centred approach which places our patients at the heart of everything we do. Our unique approach paired with our experienced team of dental healthcare professionals allows our surgery to offer a superior standard of care to both our new, and existing patients. In addition to the outstanding dental services we provide, we have also built an exemplary reputation within both the local and surrounding areas, boasting a modern and welcoming practice our patients can feel comfortable in.

What makes our dentist in Sutton unique?

At our surgery situated within Sutton we strongly believe in the value of a healthy smile. Our team advocates a healthy and happy smile to not only induce self-confidence, but to also enjoy a better quality of life too. In addition, our surgery provides family-based dental care to an extremely high standard, all delivered within a relaxed and comfortable dental environment.

Meet the team with our dentist in Sutton

Every member of our surgery team holds great passion for the high quality dental care they provide. We believe our caring group of unique healthcare professionals play an instrumental role in helping our patients achieve smiles which glow with good health. In addition, every individual member of our team offers their own area of expertise which allows for our practice to deliver a huge variety of treatments to our patients.

A dental service you can trust

The current practice partners have owned the clinic for over 24 years, maintaining their surgery to the highest possible standards for our patients. We believe our impressive reputation within the local and surrounding area speaks for itself, however we also boast holding the ‘Investors in People Award’. Awarded to us in 2002 this prestigious recognition exemplifies the excellent level of dentistry we provide. Furthermore, we are also a vocational training approved practice.

Our aims

At our Smile House Dental Practice our goal is to provide a high standard of quality dental services within a friendly and welcoming clinic environment. With our dentist in Sutton our team makes sure to embrace the latest advancements within dental technology to ensure our materials are of the highest possible standard when delivering our virtually pain-free dentistry.

Do you welcome NHS patients?

Yes! We choose to invite both National Health Service and private patients to our practice. We offer the same excellent standard of dentistry when delivering both NHS and private dental care, which we believe is simply unbeatable.

The services available at our clinic

At our surgery we are not only advocates for providing dental care of the very best quality, but we also choose to embrace variety too. In addition to providing every member of our patients’ families with routine dental treatments, we also provide restorative care (such as dental implants), orthodontic dentistry, and even cosmetic dental work.

Could our services work for you?

If the high quality dental care provided by our clinic sounds like it could work for you, then why not get in touch with a member of our team now? Our reception staff are always on hand to tend to any queries or concerns our patients or potential patients may have, whilst offering a wealth of knowledge regarding the treatments on offer within the walls of our clinic.


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