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Who are Smile House Dental Practice?

We are a friendly and efficient dentist in Sutton who will ensure that you and your family’s dental needs are well looked after. We believe that a healthy smile can boost your confidence and be life changing. Our practice is very accessible and we maintain a relaxed environment at all times. We understand that all of our patients are different and that is why we tailor all of our treatments to you individually, so we can guarantee you have your needs met when you come to us for your dental health. We have a strong team of professionals who will ensure that you get the help that you need with the highest standard of care. We are constantly evolving so you can be assured that you always received treatments that are up to date. We welcome both NHS and private patients and all of our patients enjoy our services with the professional expertise they have come to expect, - we always welcome new patients. This article will run through what treatments that we offer alongside why we think we could be a good fit for you and your smile.

What treatments do you offer?

If you decide that we could be the dentist in Sutton for you then you might want to look at what treatments you could benefit from. You may want to look into treatments that could keep your teeth clean and healthy looking, for this we can offer teeth whitening, veneers and hygienist services amongst other things. If you're looking for treatments that could straighten your smile you could consider Invisalign, which straightens your smile in an efficient and subtle way. We can help you with restoring teeth by replacement teeth services, as well as dental implant treatments. We also offer other treatments such as fillings, teeth grinding prevention and root canal treatment. These treatments have all been designed with our patients in mind so you can get the help that you need with your smile. If any of these treatments have caught your eye then you should read on to the next section which will allow you to see if we would be a good fit for you.

Would you be a good dentist for me?

We believe that we could be a good dentist in Suttonfor you, as we always provide the highest quality of dental care in the most comfortable and relaxed environment. We will always put your needs first so you can be assured that you are in the best hands and will always receive the help that you seek. We treat our patients as individuals and offer the most cutting edge treatments and we always like to treat patients as if they were family so they feel they get the best care possible. If you wish to register yourself as a new patient then you should consider looking at our website to read more about our practice and the services that we offer. You could also call our practice to discuss which treatments could be of most benefit for you. We would be very happy for you to get in contact with us so we can begin to assist you and your family in the best and most efficient way possible.


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