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What is the role of a dentist during a standard dental check-up?

Invasive dental treatments are the least liked by patients as these (depending on type of treatment) are often accompanied by complex procedures, lengthy treatment timeframes and a heavy price tag, but are necessary for our professional dentist in Sutton to save and restore the health and function of a patient’s mouth.

Here at Smile House Dental Practice, preventive dentistry forms a large part of what we do as this is an area of dentistry that is dedicated to safeguarding oral health. We urge patients of all ages to have their teeth and gums health assessed by our well-experienced and proficient dentist in Sutton at recommended intervals. Here’s why dental practitioners believe the standard dental check-up appointment is all-important to secure dental health.

Reasons why you need a check-up appointment with a dentist in Sutton

Eliminate enamel-destroying plaque and avoid cavities

Not even the most scrupulous at-home oral hygiene practice can reach those frustrating hard-to-reach areas of the mouth where bad bacteria are known to lurk and thrive. Over time the growth of bad bacteria results in the formation of plaque, cavities, gum problems, tooth decay and bad breath – all of which can be avoided with scheduled in-chair deep cleaning procedures. In addition to deep cleaning, our dental practitioner can prescribe other treatment methods to restore teeth and gum health such as fluoride treatments, fillings and root canal procedures.

Prevent gum problems

While bright, healthy teeth are the main concern for many patients, gum health is not always a priority. Considering the critical role gums play in supporting teeth, we encourage patients to take a more proactive approach to looking after their gums. Not only are healthy gums important for optimal dental health, correcting issues like gingivitis and periodontal disease can be expensive and long drawn out treatment plans. A standard check-up at our dental practice will include identifying red flags like inflamed gums, receding gums, bleeding gums and deep gum pockets.

Spot signs of oral cancers

We are often dismayed to learn that not many patients are aware of a potentially deadly disease – oral cancers. One of the reasons why our dental practitioner will pay close attention to any signs of oral cancer present is that treating this disease is most efficacious in the initial stages. Undiagnosed oral cancer that is left to progress to advanced stages can be life-threatening.

Routine oral assessments can identify general health issues

It is not just the inside of the mouth that a dental practitioner may examine during a standard dental appointment. Whilst sitting in the dental chair, our dentist may also need to examine the head and neck areas, looking out for warning signs such as lumps or swelling that point to a bigger health issue.

The general consensus is that a patient should attend dental check-up appointments twice a year but this does depend on each patient’s oral needs. If you want to maintain strong healthy teeth and a bright smile, why not schedule a standard dental check-up at Smile House Dental Practice? We offer superior dental care at the hands of a qualified, capable and friendly dentist.


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