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Tooth whitening- done right by our dentist

There are lots of options for lightening teeth. Lightening treatment in the clinic is performed under the supervision of our dentist in Sutton and is the best option for reliable results. Let's find out why.

Whitening teeth has become fairly common. What was once a specialised treatment used for those with severe staining often after many years of smoking or part of the Hollywood chic has become normal in many people's dental routines. With its rising popularity, multiple options of lightening teeth have arisen.

The biggest divide is between clinical treatment and home kits. There are too big factors that differentiate home treatment from clinical treatment. Many of the tools that are available in the UK have limitations; the chemical lightning concentrations are controlled in home preparation kits, severely limiting them compared to the gels and bleaches that are used in clinics. The next is the skill at which those tools are applied and being able to notice subtle signs of inconsistent application, overuse or that damage is being caused.

Dental lighting in the clinic

When our dentist in Sutton approaches a dental lightening case the first question is what is the cause of the staining? Why do the patient's teeth require whitening in the first place? The reasons can be varied but fall into the groups of extrinsic and intrinsic staining. Has the enamel changed shade because there is something on its surface? Or has there been an internal change to the enamel altering it inherently?

If a darkening has been caused by tartar build-up or or superficial surface staining, treatment can proceed using abrasion; this is where the very outer layer of the enamel is removed using grinding and polishing techniques, like an extremely intense scale and polish. This type of dental lighting is not available at home as it must be done skilfully, using specialised equipment in order to reduce the amount of enamel lost whilst giving the desired results.

If the staining is an alteration in the enamel itself, no amount of abrasion will be effective. Instead, a chemical change in the enamel can be induced with a peroxide bleaching agent; this is the active chemical found in all whitening gels.

As it can be damaging to the thin skin of the gums, effort must be made in protecting your gums from the gel. A bleaching tray keeps the gel where it is needed and when we perform this treatment in the clinic, we fabricate the trays to match you rather than the off-the-shelf sizes that come in your standard home kits.

Time and results

With lower concentration, gels can offer similar changes in shade but the treatment time is significantly longer. This leads to many home treatment kids relying on overnight bleaching. With the alteration of shades happening very gradually over a number of weeks, if you require whitening before a major event or on a deadline, treatment in the clinic would be your best option.

If you have further questions about dental whitening or would like to book an appointment, please feel free to get in contact with our dentist in Sutton.


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