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The importance of visiting the dentist in Sutton

Do you take care of your teeth correctly by paying regular visits to a dentist for check-ups? If not, why not?

We can all be guilty of letting things slide and ignoring the simple things we can do to ensure we stay in good health, as we all live busy lives and may find it difficult to give attention to our health needs. We all know how important our teeth are, as they are constantly needed to help us consume food to give our bodies the proteins and nutrients they need to stay healthy, yet there are still many adults who do not engage with an oral health service regularly.

Smile House Dental Practice are on a mission to get as many people as possible to engage with a dentist in Sutton, with the hope of improving the oral health of the local community. There is a need to provide potential clients with information that educates them about the positives of visiting their local dental clinic and taking care of their oral health needs.

Not just for extractions and fillings

As a leading dentist in Sutton, we understand how people feel about visiting a dental clinic, many people associate negative thoughts with the idea of visiting a dentist. People seem to feel they are going to be told they need a filling or extraction every visit they make, this simply is not true and there is also so much more to our work. This means we may be able to help you with your oral health and hygiene in a few ways you may not have considered.

In many cases, having a simple check-up can identify the basic things we can do to dramatically improve your oral health and hygiene. This could be as simple as having us clean your teeth to remove plaque that has built up that an ordinary toothbrush would struggle to remove.

We may also be able to make recommendations about simple changes you could make in the daily oral hygiene routines that will give your teeth a chance of a longer life span, as well as improving other aspects of your oral health.

Of course, should you feel there may be a serious issue, visiting us will allow us to identify the issue fully and create a treatment path to suit your needs. One thing we would ask you to remember is early diagnosis is the golden key to successful treatment, with the most positive outcomes.

Offering modern treatments for common dental issues

Here at Smile House Dental Practice, we aim to offer our clients the latest and the most up to date treatment options possible, as this will lead to the improvements in oral health our clients are looking for.

One example would be our way of using Invisalign aligners to help treat misaligned teeth, this aligner is a modern clear tooth alignment solution that hides in plain sight.

If you need a dentist in Sutton, please feel you can give us a call at Smile House Dental Practice to find out about our services. We are only a simple phone call away and our friendly reception staff are waiting to take your call.

For 35 years our fundamental belief at Smile House has been that having a healthy, beautiful smile can boost your confidence and change your life.


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