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Taking care of your smile with a dentist in Sutton

When we smile, we radiate positivity and confidence to the people we are surrounded by, this helps to promote good mental wellbeing within ourselves. One way to maintain our smile is to make sure we keep up a regular cleaning routine to lead to good oral health, this should include regular check-ups with a dental professional.

Smile House Dental Practice is a dentist in Sutton, who offers services to the local community aimed at maintaining and improving the oral health of the area. We are a small team of highly qualified dental practitioners who take pride in their work, seeking to offer every patient we see a high standard of service they will be happy with and will want to tell others about.

We aim to make sure we become the only dentist in Sutton you would ever go to and recommend.

Check-ups and treatments developed with the client in mind

As a dental practice that has been operating for 35 years, we take great pride in knowing that we have treated patients throughout this time who are happy to report they were one hundred per cent satisfied with the treatment they received, many of whom have now become returning patients. We believe the key to our success is the fact we put our patients right at the heart of the decision making process when it comes to treatment, by making sure they are well informed and feel confident before moving forward.

We strongly believe that when a person feels fully informed about a treatment, they are far more likely to decide to engage. Therefore, we want every patient to understand all aspects of our work, whether they are having a check-up or receiving a more complex procedure such as a root canal treatment.

Welcoming new patients

We are a practice that will always warmly welcome new patients, whether private or NHS. If you are looking for a new dentist, we would like you to feel you can contact us and find out more about Smile House Dental Practice and the services we offer, we are only a phone call away and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Outline of our services

We offer our clients a wide range of services to help gain the improvement to oral health they are looking for, many of which are highly targeted to meet a specific need.

For people who have experienced tooth loss, we can offer a permanent replacement solution in the form of a dental implant, ideal for all forms of tooth loss from a single tooth to a replacement for dentures. These implants are strong and hard wearing, once in place, they will feel and act like your natural teeth.

We also offer modern alignments treatments in the form of Invisalign, perfect for those who are looking to solve any issues caused by misaligned teeth. These are a modern alternative to the wired braces of days gone by, that are practically invisible to the eyes of others.

Find out more

If you are looking for a dentist in Sutton, we want to ask you to call Smile House Dental Practice to see how we can help you.

For 35 years our fundamental belief at Smile House has been that having a healthy, beautiful smile can boost your confidence and change your life.


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