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Root Canal - All you need to know

Patients can end up needing root canal treatments for all sorts of reasons, most commonly it’s after the teeth have suffered irreversible damage to the nerves. This can be caused by a few different things, usually it’s related to dental decay. When patients hear they are in need of root canal it can be daunting and cause lots of anxiety but we want to reassure patients that it’s far more common that they likely think and can be a straightforward process. But to set your minds at ease we at Smile house Dental have put together everything you need to know.

Causes of Root Canal

Root canals are a treatment for patients who have either suffered injury: such as tripping, a leaked filling, or tooth decay that can’t be fixed with a filling.

Our teeth are made up of two sections: the crown which is the tooth (the area which is visible) and the tooth’s root which is the part that goes into the bone and jaw and holds the tooth into its position.

Further this the teeth has four layers: Tooth Enamel - the hard layer around the tooth, Dentin - which is a softer layer that helps support the enamel, Cementum - which is a tough layer coating the root surface and dental pulp - soft tissue in the middle of the teeth.

When someone has a root canal treatment that treats the root canal system goes from the crown of the tooth all the way to the root and one tooth could be in need of multiple root canal treatments.

Signs and symptoms root canal needed

When you visit your Dentist in Sutton for a check up or because you’re experiencing some form of pain or discomfort we will want to take X-rays, through these X-rays your Dentist in Sutton will be able to tell if the tooth and root has been damaged through infection (tooth decay).

Signs your tooth has become infected include: discomfort or pain when drinking or eating, usually really hot or cold food. Pain or discomfort when you bite or chew or if you have lost a tooth from something other than an accident. Now for some people as tooth infections develop they actually start to lose the symptoms and it can feel as if your tooth has healed itself - this is usually a mistake which is why it’s so important to make a habit of seeing your Dentist in Sutton.

If you experience any of the following it usually means the infection has spread even further: Swelling of the gums, pus, swelling or darkening of the tooth.

The treatment

When you come in for your root canal treatment there will be one of two ways your dentist will conduct the procedure. Either they will take out the bacteria from the root canal system itself or they will remove the entire tooth. Before the procedure you will be given a local anesthetic, so as to make the process as comfortable for you as possible. Once the treatment has been completed the area will be sealed with either a crown or fillings and for most patients we see the area heal naturally.

If you are worried about your teeth or are experiencing any of the above symptoms it’s best to come and see us as soon as you can, get in contact by phone or online today.


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