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Replacing your missing teeth at a dentist in Sutton

If you are someone who is living with missing teeth then you will have a clear understanding of the full impact that tooth loss can have upon a person's mouth; the loss of a tooth or several teeth can force someone to reconsider the ways they use their mouth on a daily basis.

After the incident that caused you to suffer tooth loss, you may have found yourself making changes to the food you eat as you may find some tougher food has become too difficult for you to consume. When you lose a tooth at the front of your mouth, you may decide to avoid smiling, as you may not wish others to see the new gap in your mouth.

You may have found yourself looking into the ways you can replace your lost teeth, as you may wish to have a full set of teeth once more. This will normally bring you into contact with devices such as bridges or dentures. While these devices offer a perfectly acceptable solution to many, to others they lack the ability to be a solution that is fixed in place. For this, you may wish to investigate dental implants that are offered by the dentist in Sutton, as they could offer you a perfect solution for replacing your missing teeth that feels completely natural.

At Smile House Dental Practice, we help patients to regain their lost teeth in a way that feels totally natural and offers them a permanent, fixed-in-place solution. Many of our patients report being able to use their new replacement teeth in ways that feel normal to them, allowing them to eat the tougher foods they may have avoided once more.

Your new teeth

If you visit our dentist in Sutton to find out about having your missing teeth replaced with dental implants, you will be given all the details you need to make an informed decision about receiving the treatment, which we are sure you will be happy to go ahead with. These implants are designed to be the closest way to replace adult teeth in a way that not only feels natural but also will not look out of place in your mouth. They will be shaped and coloured in ways that will allow them to blend in with any remaining teeth that are surrounding them.

Dental implant treatment takes place over two phases. First, a titanium screw is used to create a strong base for your new tooth to be firmly attached to, this screw is inserted into your jawbone with the head of the screw positioned above the gum to allow access when the new tooth is to be attached. The new tooth that will be inserted into your mouth will be created from a ceramic crown, so it will be hard-wearing enough to cope with the stress of use during your daily life. With the correct care, the implants will last you the rest of your life, so brushing your teeth twice a day will become vital as this will help to care for your implants.

Moving forward with treatment

If you have suffered tooth loss and wish to replace your missing teeth with dental implants then you should contact a dentist in Sutton to find out how.


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