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Reasons why you should choose us as your one-stop dentist in Sutton

Finding a dentist in Sutton is as crucial as finding a local doctor. If you’ve moved neighbourhood or your trusted dental practitioner has retired, we’re here to offer an array of professional dental treatments fit for the entire family, from checkups to dental emergencies, administered by a qualified, empathetic, and highly experienced dental team.

Read on to find out what makes us different from the rest!

Our clinic is in a strategic location

If your current dentist is on the other side of town, the reality is that you might have to beat the traffic to make your lunchtime appointment. Our clinic’s convenient location on High Street means you can arrive with time to spare and a smile on your face!

We’re well established!

We’ve been in the industry for decades and boast an impressive list of longstanding and loyal patients who have complete trust in our skills and capabilities. While we’ve been around for years, we are continually learning new techniques and adapting our methods to improve our patient’s experiences with us!

We’re highly personable and great listeners

Our primary aim is to change people’s perceptions of a dentist in Sutton with our friendly and caring nature. We understand that visiting the dentist is not an activity that gets people excited. Our job is to show our patients that they have nothing to fear the moment they arrive at our doors. We pay special attention to our younger and anxious patients, helping them to feel safe in our expert hands!

We provide a comprehensive list of services

We cater to a wide variety of patients with our numerous treatments offered, which include the following:

Checkups, Hygiene Services And Education

We encourage you not to miss your checkups with us. We’re all too aware that several individuals ignore the warning signs of dental issues in their infancy stage, which will rapidly transform into more significant problems down the line requiring expensive treatments to repair. By visiting the dentist in Sutton regularly, smaller issues can be identified and rectified cost-effectively.

We’ll also clean your teeth and remove harmful plaque while educating you on the importance of dental hygiene best practices! If you aren’t sure how to brush or floss correctly, ask us to demonstrate. We aim to teach you to optimise your teeth-cleaning regime so that preventable issues don’t crop up in your future!

We replace your teeth, upgrade your smile and perform tooth-saving procedures

While commonplace, tooth loss is a traumatic ordeal. One or multiple teeth replacements, or full-mouth restorations are possible to be administered. Choose between one-day solutions such as Cerec, revolutionary tooth implants, or traditional dentures. We’ll provide information about all of the available treatments, their advantages, disadvantages, and which method of restoration is the most suitable for your unique issue.

We also perform root canals which remove the infected pulp, before it spreads to the rest of your teeth. Without this tooth-saving procedure, your decayed tooth might need to be extracted.

There are also cosmetic treatments available that can improve the appearance of your smile. For example, orthodontic devices such as braces realign teeth; teeth whitening lightens yellowed teeth by a few shades while veneers masks cracks, chips, and other teeth imperfections with a single porcelain shell.


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