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Local teeth cleaning services with our dentist in Sutton

Are you out of the habit of visiting our dentist in Sutton? Well, unsurprisingly, you are not alone! Over the last few years, and during the restrictions we have experienced, many people were unable to keep up with the recommended biannual dental visits. Of course for some of this time, dental practices were only able to address emergency and severe dental needs and routine hygiene checks were not permitted. As time has gone on, patients are starting to return to our dentist in Sutton, many now with years of plaque build-up which requires attention from a trained hygienist. Maybe you are one of these patients, and you have begun to notice that your teeth are not as clean as they once were. If that is the case, or if perhaps you are just looking to get back into the routine of visiting our dental practice, we would love to book you in for a hygiene appointment.

What can I expect from a hygiene appointment?

At Smile House Dental Practice, the first thing you can expect from our qualified hygienist is a full examination of your gums and teeth. This will highlight how much plaque would need removing and if there are risk factors present (such as gum disease). Your teeth will be scaled and polished; a professional cleaning method which utilises special paste and equipment. You may be advised on how to maintain good oral hygiene through flossing, brushing and even the use of interdentals where appropriate. It’s possible that you are someone who has replacement teeth in one of several forms and these may require particular care to ensure proper cleaning takes place. Our hygienist would be more than happy to discuss this with you and coach you where needed.

What are the advantages of regular dental hygiene check-ups?

There are several benefits to keeping up with the recommended biannual visits. It’s possible that these, alongside good oral hygiene at home can prevent a number of different issues. This is called preventive dentistry. At hygiene appointments you can expect that your teeth will be professionally cleaned, removing plaque that has built up over time. Polishing the teeth after this may reduce the likelihood of future build-up, thus improving overall dental health. By visiting our dentist in Sutton regularly you increase the likelihood of possible issues being caught early, meaning that they can be treated more quickly to help prevent further deterioration.

Maintaining good oral hygiene is shown to help lower the risk of tooth loss, therefore extending the life of your natural teeth. These good habits also lessen the need for fillings and the possibility of tooth decay setting in. This may also help you to say goodbye to bad breath which can in turn diminish any self-consciousness you may feel about this. The removal of plaque and prevention of stains may also improve the overall appearance of your teeth, giving you a reason to smile.

How can I find out more?

For more information we invite you to contact our friendly team to discuss this further. We would be pleased to welcome you at Smile House Dental Practice to help address any dental needs you may have and answer any queries that may arise. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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