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Let our dentist in Sutton take your smile to new heights

Help us to help you

Many things have changed over the last year, but here at Smile House Dental Practice the commitment and dedication that our staff and dentist in Sutton show, in creating healthy and attractive looking smiles, is something that has remained unaltered throughout the turbulence of the Covid:19 pandemic.

Taking proper care of their smile is one of the most crucial things a person can do to prolong their dental health, as well as maintain their self-esteem. Anyone who believes the aesthetics or shape of their smile may have altered in recent months should take action and contact our friendly and approachable team today.

What can a dentist in Sutton do?

Many people are often dissatisfied with one or more aspects of how their smile looks. What is far less common, however, are those people who actually take proactive steps towards doing something about it, like reaching out to a dentist in Sutton such as ours.

At our practice we are firm believers in the uniqueness and individuality of every smile, and as such we always try to take a bespoke and tailored approach to the services we provide. As no two sets of teeth will ever be identical, so too are the treatments we provide customised to those who need them.

When a new patient approaches our practice with the aim of doing something to improve their smile, the first thing we do is carry out an initial preliminary examination and discussion about their options. We’ve always endeavoured, over our years of dedicated dental care, to make use of the newest and most cutting edge dental technologies and procedures.

After we’ve carried out an initial examination of your dental wellbeing, our practitioners will then provide a detailed list of all the potential treatments that we offer, alongside a comprehensive fee payment schedule that clearly explains what you will pay, and when. After a treatment schedule has been agreed upon, our practitioners can then begin working their magic to create a healthy-looking and beautiful smile.

As we are a private dentistry provider, the lengthy waiting times associated with other dentists do not apply here at our surgery and we can begin treatments almost immediately.

What treatments do you offer for crooked teeth?

One of the most common problems which patients have with their teeth is their irregularity, and we offer a range of orthodontic treatments which can help realign your smile - often without leaving any visible effect on your smile in the process.

One such treatment that we offer is the Invisalign retainer system, which is a new form of cosmetic orthodontics that does not call for any brackets or wires to be fixed within a patient's mouth - and therefore is far less obtrusive.

In place of traditional orthodontic methods, the Invisalign retainer consists entirely of a series of individually crafted dental retainers which are made to fit over each patient's teeth perfectly.

WIthin these retainers are pressure points that gently and gradually move crooked teeth into position, and as the removable retainer is made from transparent and wafer-thin plastic, when worn, it becomes almost totally undetectable.


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