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How to recognise a great dentist

A dental appointment is one of those healthcare experiences that usually generates some level of anxiety in patients. Whether these anxieties are due to the discomforting sounds of dental equipment like drills, the invasiveness of treatments and procedures, or the intimidating presence and attitude of an uncaring dental practitioner, a negative dental appointment can put a patient off seeking further professional dental care.

Finding a capable and compassionate dentist in Sutton is key if patients are to have a positive and proactive approach to their dental health.

The benefits of visiting a dentist in Sutton regularly are many and include avoiding losing one’s permanent teeth. Tooth loss is not just a matter of losing teeth but also the loss of confidence in smiling. The effects of a drop in confidence are well-documented with far-reaching consequences for psychosocial wellbeing. Many people live on the fringes of society as they are too embarrassed to engage with others because of their awkward smiles.

A positive dental experience really comes down to the characteristics embodied in the professional providing the care. Our dentist in Sutton at Smile House Dental Practice is not only proficient in professional dental credentials but also practices with the patient’s welfare at the centre of our approach to quality dental care. The ability to deliver a patient-first service is made all the easier when a dental practitioner embodies a few sought after qualities.

Qualities that make for the perfect dentist

Choosing a dentist should not be a random selection but a carefully considered choice made possible through a thorough search process. While many patients will admit to only looking at professional qualifications, we believe a good dental practitioner needs to offer much more in terms of approachability and likeableness. So, what then makes a dental professional more approachable?

Firstly, it is their uncanny ability to put patients at ease. From the moment a patient walks in the door to the time they leave, they are made to feel comfortable, confident and valued. We realise that sitting in the dentist’s chair can be a daunting experience which is why our dental professional is firmly focused on making these visits as comfortable as possible for the patient.

Patient-centred dental care is made possible by actively listening to the patient’s needs and wants. We factor in patient involvement in deciding which treatment plan will better achieve the patient’s objectives. Making an informed decision is always easier when a patient has all relevant facts and information at their disposal.

Trust should not be a quality that is overlooked when it comes to choosing a dentist. A dentist works in sensitive areas of the mouth with sharp instruments and so a certain level of trust between patient and dental practitioner is required. Pain or discomfort are two commonly cited reasons why a patient may avoid seeking dental care despite the plethora of benefits professional dental care offers.

Does the dental practitioner educate patients? Long gone are the days when dental care was all about treating symptoms and problems. The focus of progressive dentistry today is on preventive care. Patients can avoid many of the common dental problems they experience with preventive dentistry measures. This type of care involves identifying and tackling minor problems before they become major ones as well as educating patients about their oral health.

Are you looking for a dentist that stands out from the crowd? Make sure to give us a call at Smile House Dental Practice when looking for professional dental advice or quality care.


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