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How to maintain good oral hygiene with you dentist in Sutton

Dental hygiene is the key to long-lasting good oral health. Without a good oral hygiene plan and the strict following of best practice when it comes to oral health you could very quickly find yourself in a little bit of unwanted dental trouble. Gum disease and tooth decay are the leading causes of tooth loss in the UK and both of these can easily be avoided if patients were to follow good clean and regular appointments. So here’s how you can work with your dentist in Sutton on a good oral hygiene routine.


The very basic bottom line of good oral hygiene is brushing and there are a million different toothbrushes on the market now. Electric toothbrushes have become vastly more popular but they do come with a price tag and we at Smile House Dental Practice believe good oral hygiene shouldn’t come with a cost and so happily support the use of manual brushes. And believe that if used with correct technique can deliver just as good a clean as electric.

Brushing technique is important - for whatever reason, whenever people brush their teeth in the media they tend to just use a back and forth motion. However, in order to get a really, really good clean you need to use circular strokes round the whole surface of the tooth whilst paying extra attention to the gum line. The gum line is super important when brushing at this is where the main build up of nasty bugs and bacteria happens and it’s this build up that goes on to cause other issues later on.

Time is very important - you should be setting aside at least two minutes per brush, per day with a minimum of two brushes but ideally after every meal. Though this can feel time consuming and a lot it’s better to set the time aside now rather than having to make long trips to the dentist in Sutton for treatments that couldn’t have been avoided with proper brushing.


We understand flossing can feel like a serious inconvenience - that it takes ages and eats into your day. But flossing is so important to your teeths health. It’s the only way to really get deep down into the teeths gums and pull away all those nasty bugs and bacteria wanting to cause harm to your teeth.

To use floss correctly you need to pull a piece between each tooth, move it to the left and wrap it round the tooth and then to the right and do the same, make sure you go between each tooth. If you’re unsure on good technique then feel free to speak with your dentist in Sutton next time you come and visit us at the practice.

Mouthwash and Interdental Brushes

Mouthwash and Interdental brushes are not key to your oral hygiene routine but they are excellent tooths that can seriously help protect your teeth against plaque build up. Lots of mouthwashes also contain fluoride which is an excellent way to support your teeth's enamel.

If you have any questions regarding the above feel free to contact the practice for any answers you need.


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