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How do you know that our dentist in Sutton is the right one for you?

For most people choosing a dentist can be based on the location only and not the quality of service they are receiving. For our patients it doesn’t matter whether they based it merely on being the nearest as our dentist in Sutton provides the highest standard of care along with a friendly, approachable team in a relaxed environment.

Smile House Dental Practice is a family based practice and whilst we naturally understand that every patient is an individual case, we also understand that some of our patients are more nervous than others. All of our dental team, from our receptionists through to our dentists, will provide the most approachable service and wherever possible will take the extra steps to ensure you are comfortable with us. Let our team know when booking your appointment and our team will do the rest.

Are there a wide range of treatments available at this dentist in Sutton?

Each dentist within our practice has a focused area of expertise, and our main belief at Smile House Dental Practice, is that a healthy mouth and a winning smile, can create a confidence boost and we even go so far as to believe it can change your life. Therefore, alongside offering general dentistry, we are also able to offer a wide range of treatments both medical and cosmetic.

So what is on offer?

Invisalign is a treatment that uses clear, inconspicuous, removable aligners which help straighten those misaligned teeth. These modern, discreet aligners allow our patients to perfect their smiles with minimal discomfort and without the noticeable metal wires.

When a patient may need either tooth restoration or replacement, they can look at treatments such as dental implants, crowns, bridges and fillings. These are just a few of the possibilities for restoration and replacement. Upon discussion with our dental team we will discover which would suit you best. Porcelain veneers are a good option for many as chipped teeth can damage a person's confidence and in some cases even cause a considerable amount of pain if the root becomes exposed. Therefore veneers are an excellent way to protect the tooth from further damage whilst also concealing any imperfections that may or may not be noticeable to others.

Tooth discolouration occurs in every single person as our teeth go through a lot every single day of our lives. Unfortunately, for some people the teeth can be noticeably stained and therefore teeth whitening is a life saver as their beautiful smile can sparkle again.

As well as aesthetic treatments, you may have other issues that are negatively affecting your dental health. If you have found in the past that teeth grinding is an issue, we can certainly help you with this. Snoring or grinding your teeth can be caused by your jaw placement and therefore we can make a mouthpiece to wear at night which can open up the airways and prevent either from occurring.

Root canal treatment may also be something you need to consider. When a nerve becomes damaged and infection can spread and therefore this treatment is needed. By removing the damaged area the infection can be eliminated. Maintaining excellent oral hygiene requires teamwork from you and our hygienist. By attending regular appointments we are able to spot early signs of gum disease among other things and advise you when your routine needs adjusting.

Please note, as with all treatments and procedures there are potential risks. Therefore we encourage you to discuss any mentioned treatments in this article with your local dental team.


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