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Get a Hollywood smile at a dentist in Sutton

While orthodontic treatments are a good way to straighten your natural teeth, they take time, and time (or patience) isn’t something that many of us have. Thankfully, there is not too much time required to get porcelain veneers at a dentist in Sutton and you could be grinning with your new perfect movie star smile in as little as 2 appointments. But this isn’t all that is good for - you may not need to transform your whole smile, but only one tooth because perhaps it is chipped or stained. A porcelain veneer can be made to match your other teeth and only cover up the one problematic tooth. No matter your cosmetic concerns, we at Smile House Dental have a solution to help you get the best smile you deserve.

What are veneers?

Think of a false glue-on fingernail, but for your teeth and made of porcelain; this is a veneer.

They are carefully crafted to look and feel exactly like teeth, but in a way are far more durable as they cannot get infected and because they are made of ceramic, they do not stain. This careful crafting involves colour matching so that you do not end up with one pure white tooth next to more faded teeth or a mouth of bright white teeth that look completely unrealistic. Also, the size and shape of the teeth are carefully constructed so they look as much a part of you as your own teeth do, only better.

How does it work?

For chipped or stained teeth your dentist in Sutton will gently file down the front and edge of the problematic tooth and then take an impression of this so that we will be able to create a thin veneer to clip over the top and cover the broken or yellowed tooth.

For gapped teeth - Gaps between teeth are usually caused because the teeth are too small for the jaw. By placing a guide over the existing teeth that correctly closes these gaps, we are able to place a veneer within those guides which are then removed to reveal fuller-looking and non-gapped teeth without us needing to file the teeth into stumps.

The Hollywood smile or social 6 - For those who want to transform their smiles completely, we often need only cover the front 6 top and bottom teeth with veneers in a similar way that we do chipped teeth in order to make it look like to have a whole new set of teeth


Getting veneers is quick so it is a fast cosmetic solution for a natural-looking, perfect smile which is ideal if you have an event like a wedding around the corner. This cosmetic enhancement is long-lasting; we are talking years, and there is no need for retainers like with orthodontic treatments which makes it very convenient. Unlike with a set of dentures, you keep the natural root of your teeth as well as maintain the ability to enjoy all the foods you normally would.

Because this is a cosmetic treatment there may be some health insurance policies that do not cover the cost, however, your dentist in Sutton offers a payment plan for these kinds of procedures because restoring your confidence is a big part of your mental health and we want you to be able to afford it.


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