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Evergreen questions to ask a dentist

Patients often have questions they would like to ask our dentist in Sutton when seeking a particular dental treatment but not many are aware that questions are welcome, too, during a routine dental check-up at our Smile House Dental Practice. It is at these visits that patients can learn much about the condition of their teeth and gums, how to make brushing and flossing teeth more effective and ways on how to maintain oral health.

Our dentist in Sutton is a staunch advocate for patient education as it is only when we get patients on board to look after their dental health that they can enjoy lifelong healthy teeth and gums and be ready and willing to show off their happy smiles.

Asking questions is a two-way street and at our dental practice, patients should be ready to answer questions posed by our dental practitioner and have questions to ask in return.

We are proud of our patient-first approach to quality dental care and one way to support this philosophy is to take the time to answer all of our patient’s concerns. When next visiting our clinic, here are a few questions you might want to ask.

Questions every patient should ask during a dental appointment

● Do I need to improve my teeth brushing and flossing techniques?

There is the wrong way to brush and floss teeth and there are the right techniques to employ to ensure teeth and gums are clean and bacteria-free. Our dentist in Sutton will know just how good a patient’s at-home oral hygiene practice is by examining their teeth and gums. Evidence of plaque accumulation or cavities will mean the oral hygiene practice will need adjusting and our dental practitioner can advise accordingly.

In addition to correcting brushing and flossing techniques, our dental practitioner can also advise on which dental products are most suitable for an individual patient’s needs. The dental market is flooded with all sorts of products catering for general and specific needs and a patient will need reliable professional help in identifying the best ones to use.

● Could my teeth benefit from additional dental work?

Sometimes a patient may benefit from additional treatments such as orthodontic work or cosmetic dentistry. Our dentist can suggest ways to enhance a smile so that it can look its best, be it teeth whitening treatments or correcting teeth alignment.

● What more can I do to protect my dental health?

Two of the top ways to protect dental health is visiting us regularly for those all-important check-ups and to observe a strict at-home oral hygiene practice. Another less commonly-known method is diet and lifestyle habits which can have a profound impact on oral health.

In terms of diet, our dental practitioner is a fount of knowledge on those tooth-friendly foods and beverages that hold less sugar and are less acidic. Patients may also be cautioned against the harmful effects of smoking and excessive alcohol consumption.

Having a friendly and approachable dentist opens the way for patients to ask questions that concern them most. At Smile House Dental Practice patients will find our dentist caring and considerate in addition to being highly capable and professionally qualified.


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