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Could my dentist in Sutton help with teeth whitening?

Having discolored or stained teeth can often leave us feeling less than passionate about our smile - this in many cases can be very detrimental to our mental health. Having a smile to be proud of can really boost our self-esteem and make life feel that little bit brighter about the world. So let's take a look at what options to a brighter smile could be available to you at smile house dental.

Why do people’s teeth become discolored and stained?

There are a few contributing factors when it comes to staining, firstly and most obviously is our lifestyle. Hands up if you love coffee, tea and red wine as much as me? Yep, that's most of you! We consume lots of drinks and foods that naturally have strong staining colors in them - and it’s hard to go without our morning caffeine boost or miss out on that lovely glass of red with your pals at the end of the week and frankly why should you? Health comes in all shapes and sizes and consuming things that bring joy to your life in all parts of a balanced lifestyle. But there is a cost over time that can tint our teeth that slight yellow shade of beige… and it’s ok to feel self-conscious about that too.

Are you a smoker? I won’t stay on this topic too long as we are all aware of the health risks with smoking and we are also very aware of how difficult it is to stop. But smoking is a major cause of tooth discoloration and actually poor dental hygiene in general, if you are a smoker and thinking about teeth whitening we’d highly recommend spending the time to kick the habit before you go through the process of teeth whitening.

How often are you brushing your gnashers, if it’s just once a day, it’s not enough. Poor dental hygiene can cause discolouration as plaque and food stains more easily build up on the surface.

A medical disease or illness could be the cause - sometimes certain medical treatments like chemotherapy that can lead to discoloration and other types of drug are known to sometimes affect the enamel formation in children and adults.

What teeth whitening option is available?

When you book in with your dentist in Sutton they will be able to discuss with you what the options are available to you when looking at teeth whitening. The dentist in Sutton will be able to properly assess what the cause of your discoloration is and what precautions and preparation you may need to put in place before you begin the process.

Most patients use a tray method, where a set of custom trays are designed and made to fit perfectly over your teeth then a bleaching agent is injected into the lining of the trays and you wear them overnight. This process is either done in surgery, or if looking for a more gradual change can be done at home.

Come and see your dentist in Sutton to get started on your teeth whitening journey.


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