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Cost Effective Oral Health From Your Dentist

The last few months have left us all once again tightening those purse strings. The cost of living is rising and though price caps are now in place many of us will still be paying far more for our heatings bills than ever before. And so, saving here and there and everywhere is important and we want to help patients manage their oral health in a way that is cost effective whilst also ensuring the long term health of their teeth and gums. Here’s the top tips from your dentist in Sutton.

The Practical Bit

First of all there's small things you can be doing at home just to keep costs down:

TURN OFF THE TAP: you’d be amazed at how many people still keep taps running when they’re brushing their teeth! Turn them off. You don’t need them on, it’s costing you water you don’t need to pay for.

SHARE TOOTHPASTE: It’s common within lots of homes to have individual toothpastes but this simply isn’t necessary one good all round toothpaste can attend to all the adults in the house no problem.

TOOTHBRUSH: If you can’t warrant a fancy toothbrush then don’t worry about it - as long as you are conducting good brushing technique then you really don’t need a fancy toothbrush. Just remember to keep brushing in circles and spending at least two minutes pers day and you’ll be good.

FLOSS: One standard floss is enough for the house, you don’t need fancy interdental brushes or other things, floss is great and affordable.

The Dentist Bit

We at Smile House Dental Practice find that one of the first things to go during a financial crisis is dental appointments, and especially check ups. Patients can and understandably think, I'll put that off and put that off in order to save some money. And yes as we say - totally understandable. However, by putting off the appointment now you could be causing yourself a bigger more expensive problem later on. A lot of dental problems come in stages, stages that worsen overtime and an issue such as gum disease which could have been a quick fix becomes a much bigger problem. So it’s worth spending that money now in order to save later.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Coming to see your dentist in Sutton should be a quick and easy trip once every six to twelve months. You dentist in Sutton doesn’t want to have to spend your pennies fixing your teeth, they want you to maintain healthy teeth and gums at home. How do you do this?


Oral hygiene best practices are really very simple:

Clean everyday twice a day: without fail. Ideally after breakfast and just before bed.

Use Floss everyday: So many people still neglect flossing as a practice but doing this little thing everyday can seriously save the health of your gums. It’s so worth doing.

Avoid sugary goods: now we want you to enjoy a good balanced diet that's fun and inclusive of all food groups, but being aware of how much sugar you’re ingesting is important as high sugar diets will impact the health of your teeth.


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