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Are you getting all you can from your dentist in Sutton?

Let yourself bloom

At Smile House Dental Practice, we are firmly of the belief that every smile has the potential to be truly beautiful through the help of our dentist in Sutton. We understand that a large proportion of people out there often feel embarrassed about how their teeth look, and wish they could do something about them. Thankfully though, by visiting our clinic here at Smile House Dental Practice, patients can have their concerns about their teeth listened to by a professional, who will then create a unique treatment plan which will aim to address whatever their dental concerns are. By seeking treatment from our dentist in Sutton, patients can greatly improve both their looks and the way that they feel about themselves.

Restoring a smile

One of the most rewarding areas of procedures and treatments which we as a dentist in Sutton provide is that of restorative dentistry. Nowadays, many of our patients do not have the time to make numerous return visits to the dental practice to conduct lengthy restorative treatments. Thankfully though there is a solution to this, through use of a state-of-the-art machine called CEREC, which is designed to make permanent dental crowns, veneers and inlays while the patient is still sitting within the dental chair. This would previously be a process which would take a considerable amount of time and require one or more return visits to the practice, but can now be carried out almost instantaneously.

How does CEREC work?

Anyone who feels that they could benefit from the swiftness of a restorative dental procedure such as a crown or veneers through CEREC, should speak to our expert cosmetic dentistry team at Smile House Dental Practice, to get their unique treatment process underway. This typically begins with the patient's teeth being prepared by the practitioner through the use of a small dental drill. After which, a specialised dental camera is used to extensively map the interior of the patient's mouth digitally, to document their unique tooth shape and structure. These photographs are then uploaded into a CAD/CAM device, which creates a three-dimensional digital rendering of the patient's dental structure, and creates a model of their new tooth. This 3D rendering of the patient's new tooth is then uploaded to a milling machine, which begins to form it out of a block of dental ceramic which has been specifically colour matched to the patient’s surrounding teeth. After it has been crafted, the veneer or crown is bonded to the enamel of the patient's existing teeth.

What are the benefits of CEREC?

One of the main appeals of the CEREC restorative system is the speed in which it can yield permanent results. Nowaday, our patients’ schedules are increasingly erratic, and as such, many find the idea of having their teeth restored so quickly rather appealing. Another benefit of the CEREC system is that the surrounding and remaining tooth structure of the patient will be increased and stretched as a result of treatment. This will increase their overall dental health, and minimise the likelihood of further treatment becoming necessary.


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