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Tooth Wear

Tooth Wear or Tooth Surface Loss (TSL) is the pathological loss off tooth substance due to other factors besides decay and trauma.

EROSION - erosion is caused by acids which originate from either outside or inside your body. External acids include food and drink. Internal acids include stomach acid reflux which can occur during episodes of indigestion or vomiting and sickness (for example pregnant mothers experiencing morning sickness).

When there is acid present in your mouth, it dissolves the minerals out of the hard enamel surface, which can weaken your teeth and make them thin.

How can I protect my teeth against erosion?

  • Reduce the amount of acidic drinks

  • When drinking acidic drinks, ensure that they are cold and that you drink them quickly and through a straw, so that the drink does not touch your teeth

  • Reduce the amount of acidic foods

  • Brush your teeth twice a day and always use fluoride toothpaste

  • See your doctor if you suffer from acid reflux or persistent vomiting and sickness

ABRASION - This is the loss of tooth structure due to friction with a foreign object except your opposing teeth. Objects can include your toothbrush (hard tooth brush, too often or scrubbing with excess pressure), pipe smokers, pens, pencils and nail biting to name a few. The obvious way in which to protect your teeth from this is to avoid excessive toothbrushing and using a gentle circular motion as well as avoiding nail biting/pen chewing.

ATTRITION - This is the loss of tooth structure due to tooth to tooth contact. This can either be due to grinding, jaw clenching or posturing or even if the opposing tooth has be restored with a ceramic (white) crown which is harder and can wear natural teeth. Grinding can often be a subconscious or even nocturnal habit which is difficult to break. Night guards can be made by our dentists at Smile With Pride to protect your teeth at night.

Our dentists at Smile With Pride Dental care will use records and in some cases photos and models to track and monitor your tooth wear. Once it has stabilized either naturally or through preventative treatment our dentists will determine a definitive way in which to restore your teeth if needed. Preventing wear is key.


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