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Post Extraction Advice

On the day of an extraction, try and have as normal a day as possible. In particular, make sure that you have had something to eat, a full stomach is better than an empty stomach. Never alter any medications for an extraction unless specifically instructed to do so by you dentist or GP

After a routine extraction most people are able to return to a normal days work, as long as this does not involve particularly strenuous exercise. After you extraction:

For the following 6 hours avoid:

  1. rinsing you mouth

  2. smoking

  3. drinking alcohol

  4. strenuous exercise

You can eat and drink as normal, trying to use the other side of your mouth as much as possible and consider eating softer foods. It is best to wait until the anaesthetic has worn off, which usually takes about three hours.

  • Take some painkillers (e.g. paracetamol) if needed

  • If bleeding occurs, bite on a rolled up, clean handkerchief for about 20 minutes.

Some discomfort after an extraction is normal. If the area is particularly uncomfortable, or you suffer from bleeding that will not stop after biting on a handkerchief then contact the surgery.

  • Take care with areas that are numb until sensation has fully returned

From the following day, rinse 4 times a day with warm salty mouthwash, a teaspoon of salt in a cup of warm water, for a minute. This helps bath the area, aiding healing and reducing the risk of infection. Carry on with these mouthwashes for 1 week after your extraction.

If you have persistent bleeding from the socket, bite down hard on a clean handkerchief for 10-15mins. This should stop the bleeding however if you are worried, please call us on 020 8642 0088 or come in and see us for an emergency visit. If we are closed, please go straight to A&E.


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