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What are the steps to getting Invisalign braces with your dentist in Sutton?

Invisalign is the latest buzzword in the field of orthodontics and yet it’s hard to believe that the device has only been around for nearly 20 years.

Our clinic, Smile House Dental Practice, who are proud suppliers of the brand, have made dream smiles possible for several of our patients. During this time, we’ve learnt an immense amount about the device, namely its advantages, limitations, and more. In this article, we’ll impart our knowledge about this popular device with you, outlining what you can expect, the steps you’ll undertake during the Invisalign journey, and the benefits you’ll come to enjoy.

The stages of Invisalign


Not everyone’s a candidate for Invisalign or invisible braces at the dentist in Sutton. During your consultation, we’ll assess whether the device is likely to be effective for your unique dental issue. It’s essential to bear in mind that while Invisalign trays are versatile and designed to repair an array of orthodontic problems, unique cases may require more conventional straightening methods.

Using our trusty and non-invasive Itero scanner, we'll scan and make impressions of your mouth, and assess the suitability of the device. If the scans show that you're viable for Invisalign, the impressions will be sent to a lab to produce your custom-fabricated aligner trays.

A Unique Treatment Plan is created

Unlike conventional devices, we use 3D visual mapping, which helps to predict how your teeth move incrementally over time using the aligners. This advanced technology allows you to view the end result before you've even started treatment!

Your First Pair of Aligners Arrive

Wearing your new aligners will feel uncomfortable at first, but eventually, your mouth will adapt to this foreign object in your mouth. You can take over-the-counter pain medication if the tenderness becomes intolerable. Every two weeks, you'll replace your aligners for a new pair that are differently shaped to the last, the purpose of which is to slowly move your teeth into place, a couple at a time.

See us every six weeks

These checkups at the dentist in Sutton are necessary to monitor your progress. However, they're painless and quick.

Complete treatment and maintain your smile

The duration of your treatment depends on the nature of your dental issue, whereby you could be sporting your aligners between seven to 15 months. Additionally, we might find that your teeth need extra refining and require more time to reach their desired position.

We'll then supply you with a Viviera retainer that keeps maintaining your smile once treatment has ended. This is important because teeth do sometimes shift back into their original position. Like your Invisalign aligner, they're custom-fabricated and will fit over your teeth and gums like a glove.

What benefits can I look forward to?

Past Invisalign users have raved about the device’s nearly invisible appearance, so it’ll appeal to self-conscious teens and adults. Additionally, its removable nature allows its wearers to eat, brush their teeth and play sports without having to wear their brace.

What happens if you’re not a suitable candidate for Invisalign?

If a dentist in Sutton informs you that Invisalign isn’t right for you, don’t fret. Other devices’ subtle designs allow you to wear your device without drawing unwanted attention to your teeth.

Lingual braces and tooth-coloured ceramic braces are alternative choices that you can look into.


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