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Could your dentist in Sutton help unlock your smile's true power?

Made to fit

Here at Smile House Dental Practice, our team of expertly trained and approachable practitioners and experts are more than well equipped to meet the needs of each of our patients. We are a dentist in Sutton who feels that conventional dental practices do not often connect with their patients in such a way that the patient feels comfortable and included within the dental process. We’ve found that, by listening and understanding the needs of each of our patients, we can subsequently tailor and mould each procedure that we provide to fit the requirements presented by them. In approaching dentistry this way, we believe that a far more productive and beneficial patient/practitioner relationship can come into being. This has helped us become a dentist in Sutton who is truly embedded within the Sutton community and respected by a great many residents.

Unlocking potential

Nothing makes us more happy, here at Smile House Dental Practice, than to see a patient who has unlocked the true potential and beauty behind their smile. We are a dentist in Sutton who feels every patient's smile is both unique, and beautiful in it’s own way. Whilst this may be so, we are also a dentist who understands that a great many people often feel held back by the way their smile - or an aspect of their smile - makes them look. Those who feel that a superficial dental concern is impacting on their lives often find that their self-esteem and confidence becomes knocked as a result. There are a number of superficial concerns or problems which a patient may have with the aesthetics of their teeth, such as having stained or discoloured enamel or chipped, broken or missing teeth. Nowadays however, concerns such as these needn’t plague patients who suffer them, as by speaking to one of our expert cosmetic dentistry specialists here at Smile House Dental Practice, patients can have their smiles fully restored to unlock the true beauty and impact of a healthy, white smile.

Cosmetic options

Cosmetic dentistry is a field of dentistry which aims solely to address one or more superficial problems that a patient may have with the way their smile looks. One of the most commonly sought after methods of cosmetic dentistry from us here at Smile House Dental Practice, is cosmetic dental whitening. This is a massively popular procedure across the world for patients of all ages, as it is practically entirely non-invasive, and can leave them with a visibly brighter and more impactful, healthy looking smile. Having bright white teeth is typically viewed as an attractive asset by a number of people, and one which is usually synonymous with wealth and success. Nowadays, through in-practice whitening here at Smile House Dental Practice, patients can visibly brighten their enamel in as short a timescale as an hour - which may help explain why the procedure is popular with those who are wanting to look their best for a particular occasion, such as a job interview or a wedding. There are also home-whitening kits which let patients achieve similar results, although typically over a time frame of two weeks or so.


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