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Restoring Teeth

Whether it be due to dental decay, trauma or defects, restoration of teeth is a vast and complex within dentistry. There are a number of ways in which teeth can be restored using a number of different materials. Techniques and materials develop and change on almost a daily basis and we ensure that all our dentists are capable of using them all through thorough knowledge of the science in which they work. Our dentists never tire of researching and learning more about what is available within the dental market so as to ensure you are given all the possible restorative options out there.

Amalgam or silver fillings are a great and predictable way to restore back teeth. Whilst not being overly aesthetic, they are great for back teeth which can't be seen as they have strong and resilient making them perfect for withstanding the strong biting forces we place on our back premolar/molar teeth.

To learn more visit our Fillings and Veneers page here

On occasion, a direct restoration sculpted by a dentists hands may not be suitable for large restorations on back teeth. Our dentists will prepare the cavity within your tooth and use an impression to transfer the information to our highly skilled and experienced lab technicians who will fabricate gold, ceramic or composite restorations which are then cemented into your tooth by your dentist. This allows larger more expansive restorations to be placed which have better contours and contacts for a better fit.

Teeth can be contoured slightly to create a margin around your tooth. An impression sent to the lab allows the fabrication of a crown or cap that fits snugly over the top of the tooth and protects the tooth tissue beneath it. Again, gold, ceramic or composite crowns can be provided.

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